Partials and Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Madison, WI

Unfortunately, some dental patients experience severe tooth loss to lose all of their permanent teeth. This can lead to devastating results for a patient’s oral functions and appearance. Restorative dental procedures such as partials and full dentures in Madison, WI, can be viable solutions for patients that have suffered extreme tooth loss. Madison Lakes Dental offers partials and full dentures near you.

Partials and Full Dentures in Madison, WI

A denture is a removable oral apparatus intended to replace several of a patient’s missing permanent teeth and the surrounding tissue. Whether patients need partials or a full set of dentures, our dentists in Madison, WI, provide restorative dental care.

Some patients experience complete permanent tooth loss in the upper and lower jaws. This can happen due to severe tooth decay, injury, or advanced periodontal disease. Our dentists will create full dentures to restore oral health due to total tooth loss. If you have experienced significant tooth loss but still have some of your natural teeth remaining in the mouth, our dentists near you can restore your oral health with partials. Partial dentures keep any original teeth intact from changing position in the mouth due to teeth gaps.

Impact of Extreme Tooth Loss

Extreme tooth loss impacts both oral functions and a person’s appearance. Those who have lost most or all of their permanent teeth may struggle in terms of the following:

  • Biting
  • Chewing
  • Speaking
  • Change in facial structure
  • Reluctance to smile
  • Self-conscious about oral appearance

Our dentists near you provide dentures to restore normal mouth functions and appearance. This can have a life-changing impact on patients with extreme permanent tooth loss. Our dentists will design your dentures to look and function like your natural teeth. Your job will be to give them proper care.

Loss of permanent teeth can result in struggles for patients with their oral functions and personal appearance. In turn, this can negatively impact their quality of life. Contact Madison Lakes Dental for information about partials and full dentures near you and other restorative procedures.

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