Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist in Madison

Are you prepared for a dental emergency if you or someone you know requires immediate treatment? Dental emergencies can be as life-threatening as medical emergencies, especially if symptoms include severe bleeding, swelling, or injury to the mouth. That’s why it’s essential to have contact information at the ready for Dr. Kevin Greene and emergency dentistry. Our emergency dentist in Madison and our entire staff at Madison Lakes Dental are here to help if you need emergency dental treatment.

Emergency Preparation

One of the best methods of emergency preparation is to have accurate and proper contact information that is easily located and accessed by you and your household members. This ensures that patients facing a dental emergency will receive the right care as soon as possible in case of any life-threatening symptoms.

In addition, it’s important to understand which patients may be at risk for critical dental issues so you can be prepared to get them accurate and immediate treatment. Those at risk for dental emergencies may include patients who have recently undergone oral surgery, those with any bacterial infection, and patients with a higher risk of injury to the mouth, such as athletic participants or young children who may be likely to fall. Understanding the potential complications facing these at-risk patients will allow you to seek urgent dental care.

Emergency Dentistry Procedures

Our dental care team will provide comprehensive and immediate treatment procedures for urgent or critical dental issues. We will most swiftly and effectively address and treat any life-threatening complications such as excessive oral bleeding, obstructive orofacial swelling, or trauma to the mouth and jaw area. Once the emergency is corrected or alleviated, we will ensure that any follow-up procedures are scheduled for restoration or to help patients maintain their renewed oral health.

We hope you don’t find yourself or someone you know in an emergency dental situation. However, if you do, Madison Lakes Dental provides emergency dental services. Our dentist and our entire staff are committed to your oral health and life-saving treatment if necessary. Contact Dr. Kevin Greene for more information.

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