8 Tips That Make Teeth Whitening Last Longer

8 Tips That Make Teeth Whitening Last Longer

January 4, 2022

A bright, shiny smile can completely change your appearance and is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room. So after professional teeth whitening is done at our dentist office, you need to maintain that sparkling smile.

Here are eight tips from Madison Lakes Dental on what you need to know about maintaining your teeth’ white appeal.

  • Avoid Staining Foods

After getting a complete smile makeover by teeth whitening, you should know that some foods will leave stains on your teeth, diminishing your bright smile.

These foods are tea, red wine, coffee, tomato sauce, sugary foods, and berries.

These foods and beverages contain certain elements that break down the enamel and leave stains. To avoid spending more money on whitening, ditch these foods.

  • Eat Foods that Protect your Teeth

Some foods benefit your oral health and keep your teeth healthy and bright.

Crunchy vegetables and fruits containing water, like apples and celery, produce saliva when you eat them. Saliva neutralizes mouth acids that break down tooth enamel and your teeth to stains.

Cheese also has excellent benefits to your teeth since it helps in increased saliva production. Also, it contains phosphorus and calcium, which strengthens teeth enamel and makes them less susceptible to stains and decay.

  • Brush after Every Meal

Some foods cause intense staining of teeth, and most foods will undo the effects of teeth whitening over time.

Regular brushing of teeth after every meal ensures your teeth remain brighter for long after professional teeth whitening. In addition, by brushing, food particles and bacteria are removed, leaving you with healthy teeth less susceptible to decay and stains.

It’s also essential to have a toothbrush in the office, which you can use after having a meal or drinking coffee. If you don’t have one, flossing after meals with mouthwash helps eliminate the staining bacteria.

  • Use a Straw

Drinking wine, tea, or a coffee via a straw may seem awkward, but this will help you enjoy your best drinks while keeping away stains.

Using a straw helps prevent drinks from having contact with your enamel. Also, taking juices and energy drinks through a straw ensures the enamel is not broken down and stained due to exposure to sugars and artificial coloring.

It’s important to put the straw halfway into your mouth to keep drinks away from your teeth.

  • Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar, which leaves stains in your mouth. You may not notice the stains after a few weeks of smoking, but your teeth will turn yellow even before or after whitening.

Persistent smoking even turns your teeth from yellow to brown.

Smoking not only causes stained teeth, it leads to periodontal gum disease, it also leaves you prone to oral cancer. So if you want to maintain a bright smile, healthy gums, and be cancer-free, avoid cigarettes.

  • Visit your Dentist Regularly

Keeping good oral health comes down to making regular visits to a dentist’s office near you for cleaning and check-up.

After getting professional whitening, your teeth whitening dentist may recommend quarterly visits so that you will be given whitening touch-ups that keep your teeth bright and healthy as time goes on.

  • Use at Home Touch-ups

Using home whitening products to do touch-ups ensures that the life of the professional teeth whitening is extended. Whitening gels, trays, and touch-up pens are some of the at-home products you can use to maintain a white smile.

You should also know that at-home whitening products and professional whitening are not substitutes for dental cleanings. Visiting your dentist’s office near you ensures you have great teeth and good oral health.

  • Talk to your Dentist in Minneapolis About Options that Match your Needs

Your teeth can pick up stains on many different occasions. Therefore, it’s important to talk to your teeth whitening dentist about why you want professional whitening and how you can prevent future stains. In addition, knowing what to do and avoid helps maintain your teeth between visits.

By following these eight tips and your dentist’s advice, you’ll keep your teeth in the best condition between check-ups. Avoiding foods and drinks that may damage your teeth will effectively maintain your teeth whitening.